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10/02/2020 au 31/05/2020 - DNAQUA International Conference (Evian, 16-18 Sept. 2020)

16-18 September 2020 –Evian (France) - First international conference on the use of DNA for water biomonitoring

« Pressures on aquatic ecosystems are increasing due to population growth and climate change. National and international legal frameworks have put the focus on this problem. Therefore, there is a need to systematically assess and monitor the quality of aquatic ecosystems. With more than 400 participants from 49 countries, DNAqua-Net COST action explores since2017 the potential of novel DNA- based techniques and provides good practice solutions for an application in such biomonitoring programme ».

Information postée le 10 février 2020.

11/02/2020 au 03/04/2020 - 19th Inter. Conf. on Harmful Algae ICHA 2020 (Baja California, 11-16 Oct. 2020)

Information postée le 18 décembre 2019.